Why Jennifer Aniston Will Make The Perfect Godmother For Katy Perry's Baby

Why Jennifer Aniston Will Make The Perfect Godmother For Katy Perry's Baby
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What may come as a big surprise to Katy Perry fans is that Jennifer Aniston and the pop star have always been fairly close. The Daily Mirror reported on Saturday that Perry called on the Friends legend to be her child's godmother.

According to multiple reports, Katy, 35, is just a few weeks away from having her first baby with her fiancé, the 43-year-old Orlando Bloom. When asked by Perry to take the role of Godmother, she reportedly broke down into tears.

A source who spoke with the publication claimed Jennifer was pretty excited about it. The Daily Mirror says Katy and Jennifer have been close friends for almost ten years. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic only strengthened their bond.

The insider who spoke with the outlet claimed Katy and Jen did a lot together during the quarantine lockdowns, including walks together and spending a lot of time chatting. Fans of Jennifer know she's already a godmother to Courteney Cox's daughter, Coco, 16.

Reportedly, Jennifer Aniston is great with kids, an insider explained. "Jennifer doesn't have any children of her own, so she loves being a mother to other people's children. It fills her maternal drive."

As for Katy, the pop-star has been in great spirits while with a child. During her appearence on a radio show in the United Kingdom on Friday, Katy touched on her pregnancy. She joked that she was "waddling like a duck" and was a "full-on-mouth-breather."

Katy and Orlando Bloom dated intermittently for years until they finally chose to get back together. Earlier this month, Katy was in the headlines again for her years-old feud with fellow pop singer, Taylor Swift.

A rumor on social media began this month which suggested Katy and Taylor were actually distant cousins, to the sixth-degree. Katy addressed the conspiracy theory by claiming while they're probably not cousins, they certainly fight like they are.

Putting her feuds aside, fans have been eagerly awaiting the first IG post of Orlando and Katy's baby together. Bloom and Katy had to postpone their summer wedding this year on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

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