Katy Perry Has Chosen This A-Lister To Be Her Daughter's Godmother

Katy Perry Has Chosen This A-Lister To Be Her Daughter's Godmother
Credit: Source: Twitter

Katy Perry is preparing to welcome her first child - a baby girl - with fiance Orlando Bloom later this summer, and a new report claims the Roar singer has chosen a close friend to be her daughter’s godmother.

According to The Mirror , Perry has asked Friends alum Jennifer Aniston to be her daughter’s godmother because the two ladies are “very close.”

“She [Aniston] is pretty chuffed (pleased) about it as well and cried when they asked her,” dished an insider.

Perry and Aniston have been good friends for nearly ten years, and the Emmy-winning actress is already the godmother to Courteney Cox’s 16-year-old daughter, Coco. During quarantine, the source says that Aniston has been a good pal to the pregnant Perry, as they have gone on “socially distanced walks” together and spent “lots of time catching up.”

Even though she is due to give birth in just a few short weeks, Perry has been busy promoting her new album Smile , plus her new single that has the same name. She has also been very candid about her pregnancy, and revealed during a recent UK radio interview that she is “waddling like a duck” and said she is breathing so heavily that she is now a “full on mouth-breather.”

“And, um yeah, it's loud and obnoxious. And — oh my God — I just eat so much flavored ice! It's like put all the ice in my mouth, right now!" said Perry.

The 35-year-old also joked that the one thing she is looking forward to most about being a mom is her “belly button going back.” She admitted that her belly button is “definitely one of those things when you’re not pregnant that if you observe other pregnant women you’re just like, I just hope my belly button stays where it’s at and it doesn’t pop. I really hope I don’t look like that.”

In an interview back in May, the Never Worn White singer joked that she was “turning into Shrek, size-wise.” But, she also pointed out that Bloom was “turning him into the Hulk” because of his “pro-style cycling” hobby.

Katy Perry has also been showing off her baby bump on social media, and has had fun wearing high-fashion, colorful maternity outfits. Unfortunately, she had to postpone her wedding to Bloom this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic


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