Katy Perry Addresses Rumors That She And Taylor Swift Are Secretly Cousins

Katy Perry Addresses Rumors That She And Taylor Swift Are Secretly Cousins
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In a new interview on Capital FM, the 35-year-old pop-star, Katy Perry, addressed the fan theory circulating on the internet suggesting that she and Taylor Swift are actually distant cousins.

During her appearence on the show, Katy joked that she and Taylor weren't cousins but they certainly fight like they are. According to the pop star, it's clearly "fan fiction," but she finds it impressive that a person had actually documented their family histories.

The singer-songwriter joked that she and Taylor would have to talk about it a bit more, moreover, if they both did a DNA test to figure it out, it would make for great content. As fans of both parties know, Katy and Taylor feuded for years.

Taylor said to reporters from Rolling Stone in 2014 that Perry had tried to "sabotage" her arena tour by hiring backup dancers from underneath her. Most social media users didn't even know there was a problem between Katy and Taylor at the time.

The Rolling Stone article was the first time fans believed there was something malicious brewing. Additionally, Taylor released a song in 2014 called "Bad Blood," that many assumed was about Katy Perry. This intensified rumors around their feud.

However, a few years later in 2019, Taylor and Katy got together for their track, "You Need To Calm Down." As for how they finally crushed their beef, Katy claims she sent her an olive branch and apologized as Swift was gearing up to start her Reputation tour.

Katy said to the outlet that she thought Taylor was getting ready to do something really big in her career. She thought she needed the support. According to Perry, as the years went by and they talked a lot more, she realized that she and Taylor had a lot more in common than she initially thought.


Katy realized the importance of working with her fellow artist and putting their bad blood behind them once and for all. Swift has feuded with other massive celebrities before, including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. 

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