Aaron Carter Tries To Sell His $600K Home Amid Engagement News

Aaron Carter Tries To Sell His $600K Home Amid Engagement News
Credit: Source: Hollywood.com

A new report from Page Six says the former teen idol, Aaron Carter, is now selling one of his LA County properties for $599,000. According to the outlet, the house that was built in 1997 is in the Antelope Valley town of Lancaster California.

The home features 2,686 square feet of living area, three bathrooms, three bedrooms, in addition to a backyard swimming pool. The singer-songwriter purchased the property back in October 2018 for $430,000.

Reportedly, it sits above Los Angeles and is over one hour away from Hollywood. The news of Aaron's decision to sell his home comes after Nick Markus reported on the 12th of June 2020 that the singer-songwriter was engaged.

Nick reported that Melanie Martin and Aaron wound up getting engaged after what has been described as a whirlwind romance. Amid all of their obstacles in their relationship, including domestic violence as well as a miscarriage, the couple has chosen to take their romance to the next level.

Markus says Aaron announced the news by posting a picture of her hand sporting a new ring. For the most part, fans have been shocked by the news of their engagement because it was reported that they had just gotten back together two days prior.

It also came after a reported miscarriage as well as an arrest on domestic violence charges. Fans of Carter know his relationships have been in the headlines before.

Earlier this year, Aaron claimed Melanie's miscarriage occurred as a consequence of "stressful conditions." At the time, Carter claimed he needed to take care of her.

During an April Instagram session, Carter revealed he and Melanie were getting ready to start a family. Social media users were shocked to hear their plans to start a family considering they had only been dating for a few weeks at that time.

In his last relationship with Lina Valentina, the actor reportedly jumped the gun and started hoping out loud that they were going to have a baby together. Sources say this played a role in their breakup.

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