Taylor Swift Drops A Subtle Response To Leaked Kanye West Phone Call

Taylor Swift Drops A Subtle Response To Leaked Kanye West Phone Call
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Taylor Swift was in the headlines again this week when the phone call between herself, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian was finally leaked to the press.

Fans of Swift have long defended the pop-star in her feud with Kanye West over the phone call in which Kanye supposedly asked for permission to use her name in the song, "Famous." Marie-Claire recently took note of the fact that Swift has been liking comments from social media users defending her online.

On her Tumblr account, Marie-Claire claims, Swift has liked several posts that defended her, including one which stated that Taylor was telling the truth the entire time. According to The Daily Mail, Taylor liked a variety of different posts regarding her feud with the rapper and his wife.

One post read, "Taylor told the truth mood board," while another one stated they would sleep a lot better now that the whole world knows that Swift was right and her fans were also. As most know, Swift and Kanye have been feuding for a decade now.

However, things got really bad between them when Kanye asked the star for permission to use her name in his track. In the song, West stated, "I made that b*tch famous," after saying he and her might still "have s*x." Reportedly, Swift took issue with the fact that he used the word "b*tch," to refer to her.

During a chat with Rolling Stone in 2016, Swift revealed what she thought about the drama. The star claimed there was a lot missing from the story that the world was never aware of, including a cascade of singular events that all "led up to it."

After it all went down, Kardashian called her a "snake," which made Taylor feel even worse about the feud. Swift said in her interview with Rolling Stone that in the end, she just "really got sick of the dynamic" between herself and the rapper.

Swift discussed the issue at length in her new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana.

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