Naya Rivera's Family Help Authorities Search Lake Piru After Glee Star Goes Missing

Naya Rivera's Family Help Authorities Search Lake Piru After Glee Star Goes Missing
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Members of Naya Rivera’s family have been helping Ventura County, California authorities search for the Glee actress since she went missing during a boating trip on Wednesday afternoon. Rivera’s mother and brother have been at Lake Piru every day since Naya went missing , and her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey has also helped look for the actress.

According to People magazine, a spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff’s office confirmed that Rivera’s family have been involved in the search and recovery mission.

"Naya's mother and brother have been at the lake every day since Naya disappeared. They have been in constant contact with the Sheriff's Office and involved in the search. On Saturday morning, they joined the search on a sheriff's boat," an insider told the outlet.

Over the weekend, ABC producer Anastasia Williams tweeted a photo of Rivera’s mother and brother at the dock on Lake Piru. She wrote that Rivera’s mother was “kneeling on the dock with her arms outstretched towards the water.”

Authorities have been searching for Rivera since she went missing during a boating trip with her four-year-old son, Josey. The 33-year-old rented a pontoon boat at 1:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon, but never returned the rental.

When the boat was found, Josey was asleep and alone while wearing his life jacket, but Rivera was nowhere in sight. Her purse and wallet were left behind on the boat, along with an adult life jacket.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has released footage of their underwater search for Rivera. They have been using sonar equipment due to the low visibility on the floor of the lake. Sergeant Kevin Donoghue told reporters that they don’t know how long it will take to find Rivera, but they remain hopeful that they will.

"I think at some point in time we will find her," Donoghue said. "I will say that we are hopeful to find her. We want to bring peace and closure to the Rivera family. This is a tragic event."

Dorsey has reunited with his son - who has been reported to be in good health - and he has also been at the lake to look for Rivera, along with her dad, George. The duo hugged before they waded into the lake where Rivera presumably drowned.

Authorities say that Lake Piru will remain closed to the public while the search for Naya Rivera continues.

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