Wendy Williams Thinks Kim Kardashian As A Lawyer Would Be A 'Distraction'

Wendy Williams Thinks Kim Kardashian As A Lawyer Would Be A 'Distraction'
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Some people have been mocking Kim Kardashian for planning to take the bar exam and become a lawyer! However, while Wendy Williams is laughing at the haters for not believing she’d be capable enough for such a job, she did say that the KUWK star might be a distraction while in the courtroom. The reason? Her fame!

It’s clear that Wendy is team Kim when it comes to her new career plans but she’s still worried about her celebrity status and how it could affect her job.

‘The question is, will she be a distraction in the courtroom? Gee, ya think? Will she even be in the courtroom? Some people in my ‘Hot Topics’ meeting were like, ‘Will she have time to go in the courtroom? She’s filming the show and she’s busy getting naked and keeping an eye on Kanye,’ Wendy said during her latest talk show episode.

She went on to also tell her studio audience that ‘they laugh, but I will convince you this is a good idea. You may not use her as your lawyer and I certainly would not, but there are people who would… Kim knows our president on a personal basis, she’s been to the white house. I’m going to tell you something, there are a lot of people who are going to want to use her!’

Wendy also argued that since people are going into the judge career at a younger age these days, this could really work in Kim’s favor because those in their mid-thirties and even forties are keeping up with the Kardashians, whether they admit it or not.

In the end, noting the good Kim has been doing lately, including getting presidential pardons for a couple of people serving unfair prison sentences, Wendy stated: ‘I think this is a good idea [for Kim to pursue law.]’


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