Tyrese Reacts To Trump Personally Offering To Vouch For A$AP Rocky's Bail

Tyrese Reacts To Trump Personally Offering To Vouch For A$AP Rocky's Bail
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You may be aware of the fact that according to the latest reports coming from the New York Post, Donald Trump said he would 'personally vouch' for the release of A$AP Rocky from the Swedish jail.

The rapper is being held captive for a Stockholm street fight near the ending of June.

Kim Kardashian revealed that she and her husband, Kanye West, would be joining the fight to have A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish jail.

More celebrities have been making efforts in this direction.

As you probably know by now, the rapper was  arrested in Sweden for suspicion of assault .

Kim is offering her gratitude to Donald Trump  and everyone involved with the efforts to free the rapper.

Trump's desire to vouch for the rapper's bail is not appreciated by Tyrese. Check out Trump's tweet and Tyrese's response to it.

'Whatever it takes to get re-elected #FOH!!! I am aware of local lawyers and political figures who have boots on the grounds there and are close to getting him out but DUMP will step in and get ALL the credit and milk this into trying to secure the black vote #StayWoke people it’s all a game.... We ALL want ASAP OUT....... But let’s be clear about DUMP and his motives,' Tyrese said.

Someone commented: 'My vote still won't go to you sir, keep him, ASAP wouldn't help another black person in need #ShameOnHim.'

Another follower posted: 'You know when someone does a favor for you then they constantly throw it in your face? He seems like that kind of person.'

One commenter said: 'Boy this is the driest attempt to appeal to a demographic in the past recent years.'

Someone else said: 'I’m happy he’s doing this... but release them INNOCENT children from them cages and I’ll have more respect for you.'

What do you think about Trump's attempts to bring Rocky home?

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