ASAP Rocky Was Reportedly Arrested In Sweden - He's Suspected Of Assault

ASAP Rocky Was Reportedly Arrested In Sweden - He's Suspected Of Assault
Credit: Complex

ASAP Rocky is not having the time of his life if the latest reports are accurate. The Shade Room just posted that the rapper was arrested in Sweden for suspicion of assault.

It seems that there's surveillance video involved in the report as well. Here's what TSR revealed a couple of hours ago.

TSR cites data from CBS News and says that a few days ago, the video of an alleged altercation between ASAP Rocky's crew and a man appeared online.

It looks like now, they are all held in Stockholm for 'suspected "gross assault", a Swedish Prosecution Office spokesman said.'

TSR writes that 'Following the video of the incident, ASAP Rocky took to Instagram proclaiming his innocence. He also posted another video captioned "HITS SECURITY IN FACE WITH HEADPHONES THEN FOLLOWS US". In the video, you can see the man approach ASAP's crew as they tell him to leave them alone.'

TSR also makes sure to highlight the fact that it is not clear what happened before or after these videos.

Someone commented: 'I saw the video those guys were following him around and harassing my baby.'

Another follower said, 'that guy was following ASAP Rocky and his security, and harassing them. the other guy should've gotten arrested.'

One commenter believes that 'Those men deliberately harassed him and his crew. They wouldn’t stop following THEM, and they groped two women prior to the ASAP Rocky altercation wtf!'

Another person posted the following claim: 'Wow. I watched this video ASAP Rocky was so calm all he kept saying “please stop following me I don’t want any problems with you guys” he literally didn’t do anything but ask nicely if he could be left alone.'

More fans have been saying that ASAP did only what he had to do. What do you think happened?

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