Teresa And Joe Giudice Reportedly ‘Really Happy’ With Firstborn Gia's New Boyfriend - Here's Why!

Teresa And Joe Giudice Reportedly ‘Really Happy’ With Firstborn Gia's New Boyfriend - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

According to some new reports, Teresa and Joe Giudice are ‘really happy’ about their firstborn daughter, Gia, 19 dating her new boyfriend, Christian Carmichael. Apparently, the two parents are totally content with their daughter having him in her life as they can really see that he is a ‘good guy.’

Not only that but, it sounds like Christian really treats Gia well so what more can the Giudices ask from him?

As long as he treats her like she deserves and makes her happy, Joe and Teresa Giudice are all for this relationship!

In the meantime, Gia and her boyfriend have been on a vacation together this past week, just enjoying their romance with just one another and they obviously have her parents’ blessing.

One insider dished via HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa and Joe are really happy for Gia and Christian. Joe is really protective so he has trouble with her dating but he knows it is a part of life. Joe hasn't met him, but Teresa has and really, really likes him. They met at college so Joe did not know him beforehand. He is a good guy for Gia, makes her happy and treats her well and that is all she cares about.’

Gia has been documenting her vacation in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and sharing some of the pics on social media.

Obviously, he and the whole trip managed to make her feel better since normally, she should have already been in Italy visiting her dad, Joe Giudice .

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 traveling restrictions ruined that initial plan so she made plans locally with her new boyfriend instead, which is pretty much the next best thing!


The source explained via the same news outlet that ‘Gia’s been on vacation in California with her boyfriend just for fun. She was supposed to be in Italy with her sisters visiting her dad but she came to California for a fun getaway instead.'


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