Teresa Giudice And Caroline Manzo Reportedly Had A Chat To 'Clear The Air' Before Their Surprising Reunion

Teresa Giudice And Caroline Manzo Reportedly Had A Chat To 'Clear The Air' Before Their Surprising Reunion
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Prior to their reunion, it sounds like the former best friends got in contact! As fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey already know, Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo had been feuding for years!

However, just before they took everyone by surprise and reunited, they reportedly cleared the air between them.

That’s right, fans were definitely shocked when they learned that Teresa and Caroline had not only pressed pause on their longtime feud, but they were also reunited in order to work on a project together.

It all started when one fan account shared a sneak peek of the two reality TV stars in all red and shooting something.

They really did look like they were getting along well once more despite their very public fallout.

It makes perfect sense that fans were shook to see them so friendly with each other again since not too long ago they were slamming one another over all kinds of accusations such as Teresa saying Caroline was the whistleblower that led to her and husband Joe’s arrest.

On the other hand, Caroline called Teresa ‘delusional’ for thinking that.

About their reunion, one insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa came to LA for about 24 hours to film something with Caroline Manzo. They filmed a commercial together and hadn’t seen one another in years. They were both professionals but of course it was a little awkward at first. They spoke on the phone before they saw one another where they said what they needed to say to move on.’

‘This really helped clear the air for them to see one another and it was peaceful and respectful with zero issues.’

The source also mentioned that monetary motivation was also a factor since they were paid really well and also flown to Los Angeles.

However, as it turns out, their joint project does not mean they are friends again.

Still, there were no issues during the shooting and were ‘respectful’ and ‘cordial’ and ‘got along great.’


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