Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Spotted Leaving Malibu's Nobu This Weekend

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Spotted Leaving Malibu's Nobu This Weekend
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The New York Post says Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker were recently spotted out together in Malibu, California. Just a couple of days after Kendall and Devin flirted on Instagram, the 24-year-old model was seen outside of Nobu in Malibu.

It was reported that the Phoenix Suns player was there as well. In case you don't already know, Jenner and Devin have been chatting since April of this year, and romance rumors have persisted for months.

As a side note, the 23-year-old, Kylie, was also spotted near the California restaurant. As it was previously reported, Jenner was previously rumored to be hanging out with Devin in the springtime. Before hanging around Kendall, Devin was with Jordyn Woods.

A source who spoke with Entertainment Tonight said earlier this year that Kendall and Booker were not hooking up. However, this past month, TMZ speculated on the possibility of a relationship due to a series of curious photos on social media.

Before her supposed romance with Booker, Jenner was hanging around Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers. They stopped seeing each other last year until they linked up again on New Year's Eve.

As it was just noted, Kendall and Devin have been chatting publicly on Instagram for months. On the 12th of August, Nick Markus reported on the flirty exchange they had on the social media platform in which they appeared to show their interest for each other in front of millions.

Markus said Kendall and Devin were flirting in the comment section of Instagram, which started off with a comment from Devin in which he said, "I like strawberries." This was clearly in response to her strawberry emoji caption.

Kendall went on to give him even more strawberries in emoji format, clearly giving the basketball player what he wanted. Earlier this year, Kendall and Devin were in the headlines after they were spotted together on Memorial Day weekend not long after they were seen in her white Mercedes G-Wagon.

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