Donald Trump Says He Will Look Into Pardoning Edward Snowden

Donald Trump Says He Will Look Into Pardoning Edward Snowden
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Donald Trump may try and pardon Edward Snowden. This past Saturday, the president of the United States of America said he was going to look into the idea of pardoning Edward Snowden.

Speaking with reporters, the president claimed, "I'm not that aware of the Snowden situation," before going on to say that it appears as though many people believe he did "very bad things," while others believe he should be pardoned.

The president claimed he would definitely look into it a lot more. Trump was speaking with the New York Post when he made his remarks regarding the controversial figure.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Trump put the Snowden situation into context with other FBI allegations, including the theory that the government agency had been spying on Trump's campaign.

Trump says it's been confirmed that the former administration had been spying on his campaign. As it was previously reported, Edward Snowden used to work for the CIA, and he was responsible for leaking information regarding the NSA's activity.

Snowden's actions led to a widespread discussion regarding the privacy of American citizens and whether it was in the government's right to look into people's lives without permission. Reportedly, the United States Justice Department filed charges against him using the Espionage Act of 1917. He's currently staying in Russia.

Trump has been in the news headlines for other reasons this year, including the contentious issues surrounding voter mail-in. Trump has repeatedly argued over the last few weeks that if the US election is conducted through mail-in voting, there will be widespread fraud.

Others have argued it's essential for the safety of American citizens. Earlier this week, celebrities such as Taylor Swift put the president on blast for supposedly threatening to defund the United States Postal Service.

Swift accused the president of merely doing whatever it took to continue holding onto power. She says the president knows that the people don't want him as the president anymore, and he'll do whatever it takes to stay in office.

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