On The Rap Radar Podcast, Jamie Foxx Unveiled An Incredible Impersonation Of Donald Trump

On The Rap Radar Podcast, Jamie Foxx Unveiled An Incredible Impersonation Of Donald Trump
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In the most recent episode of the Rap Radar podcast, hosted by Elliott Wilson and Brian "B. Dot" Miller, the 54-year-old actor and Snoop Dogg discussed their new Netflix film Day Shift.

Comedy artists and performers have been working on perfecting their Donald Trump impressions for years, but Jamie Foxx may have them all beat.

Foxx started acting like the former president 76 while the group was talking about Michael "Harry-O" Harris, a once-incarcerated businessman. The latter helped build Death Row Records and was pardoned by Trump just before he left office in January 2021, as the New York Post reported.

As soon as Snoop, 50, brought up Harris' pardon, Foxx, doing his best version of Trump, joked, "There's a lot of wonderful individuals on both sides, a lot of wonderful people on both sides," making fun of Trump's notorious remarks about the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Harry O., I know. He has an amazing character. At the moment, he could not vote for me, Foxx remarked while maintaining his persona. Once he leaves, he can now cast his vote for me. I adore Snoop D.O.D.G. fantastic individual.

About 30 minutes into the episode, Foxx started making his impression and spent the following minute quoting the previous president's most popular sayings. Please excuse me; bogus news, please excuse me. So Foxx carried on, bringing the other people into fits of laughter.

When Miller questioned what his "favorite" Death Row Records album would be, Foxx, as Trump said, "All of them." "The Death Row Records are fantastic. Please don't try to corner me; you can see what he just said. Excuse me."

As he sat back and raged, Foxx alluded to Trump's 2020 COVID-19 diagnosis "They attempted to infect me with the virus! I overcame the virus."

When he stated to political analyst Van Jones on The Messy Truth in 2018 that he believed his children also couldn't look up to Trump during his time in the White House, Foxx made his criticism of Trump public.

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