Taylor Swift Puts Trump On Blast On Social Media For Reportedly Slowing Funding For USPS

Taylor Swift Puts Trump On Blast On Social Media For Reportedly Slowing Funding For USPS
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Deadline picked up on a tweet on Saturday in which Taylor Swift put the president on blast once again. Fans of the performing artist know she's not a big fan of the politician.

According to the outlet, Trump recently said he was going to pull funding from the United States Postal Service, and a number of celebrities and entertainment figures called him out.

Swift took to her Twitter account on Saturday to say that Trump was "well aware" of the fact people supposedly don't want him as the president. She says he is going to "blatantly cheat" and put people's lives at risk to maintain his position.

As most American citizens know, the USPS has been going through tough times amid the coronavirus pandemic due to increased demand. Moreover, the issue of funding for the USPS has been put in the spotlight due to the chance of mail-in voting this year.

Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the process, saying that it would lead to massive fraud. Reportedly, Swift and other people on social media are trying to support USPS. You can check out one of the pop star's tweets below:

In addition to putting the president on blast, Swift also called on fans to send in their votes earlier that way they can get past any potential delays. She wrote, "request a ballot early. Vote early," after accusing him of worsening the pandemic.

As most know, this won't be the first time Swift has criticized the president. In May of this year, the Miss Americana star tweeted at the president directly claiming that voters would push him out amid the Black Lives Matter protests. The protests began with the killing of George Floyd while in police custody.

The president wasn't overly sympathetic to the protestors, whom he said were "rioters." As most know, there was some looting and rioting in cities, but also a fair amount of peaceful protesting as well.

Earlier this year, the president warned protestors to not come to one of his campaign rallies, warning them that they wouldn't be as nice as other state and local governments were.

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