Joe Biden Sends Condolences To President Trump After His Brother Robert Passes Away

Joe Biden Sends Condolences To President Trump After His Brother Robert Passes Away
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On Sunday morning, Joe Biden sent his condolences to Donald Trump following the news of his younger brother's death, Robert. On his account, Biden said he and his wife were "sad to learn" of Robert's passing.

You can check out the presidential candidate's tweet below:

As it was previously reported, Trump's brother, Robert, died this Saturday . The White House confirmed the news of his death, including Trump, himself, who released a statement saying that it was with a "heavy heart" that he announced his passing.

According to multiple reports, Biden has experienced traumatic losses before, including the death of his first wife and their 1-year-old daughter together. Beau, his son, died when he was 46-years-old from brain cancer.

Kamala Harris did the same thing for Trump and his family. Ivanka Trump, Trump's daughter, also shared a note of commemoration on her Twitter account, as did Eric Trump.

Robert's ex-wife did the same thing on her Instagram account. You can see her Instagram post below:

As most know, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are campaigning for the presidency this year, facing off against the incumbent president, Donald Trump, and his vice-president, Mike Pence.

It's clear Kamala and Joe were able to forget their political differences momentarily for the sake of wishing Trump and his family well. This marks probably one of the first times there has been a pleasant exchange between Biden and Trump, at least publicly.

For instance, earlier this year, Trump put Joe Biden on blast after the presidential candidate claimed the Latino-American community had more political diversity than black-Americans. Biden was excoriated by many people on social media, and he later apologized.

At the time, Trump took to his Twitter to say that Joe wasn't worthy of the black vote this year. As most know, black-Americans tend to vote Democrat more than Republican, a fact that has been reiterated in many different election cycles.


The idea has also been mentioned in relation to Kanye West's run for the presidency, with the Forbes editor claiming that the rapper was likely using his campaign to take votes away from Biden to help Trump.

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