Taylor Swift's Fans Call On Her To Compete In 2020 Presidential Race

Taylor Swift's Fans Call On Her To Compete In 2020 Presidential Race
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Taylor Swift's fans believe she would make a great candidate for the presidency in 2020, Billboard reported today. On Saturday, many of the pop star's fans took to their Twitter accounts to call for Taylor to become the president of the United States following Kanye West's announcement that he was going to run.

As it was previously reported, Kanye used his Twitter account this weekend to say that he was going to run for the presidency. Fans of the pair know Kanye and Taylor's relationship has been complicated over the last decade.

For that reason, Taylor's fans urged her to run this year so she could compete against the Ye rapper. While it's incredibly unlikely that Kanye will actually run due to the fact it's too late in the year, fans are wholly convinced that Swift should go up against him.

One user wrote that Taylor Swift should run as the president and Selena Gomez as the vice president. As it was previously reported, Swift and West first started feuding back in 2009 after Kanye stormed the stage during her acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs.

However, their bad blood intensified to the point of no return in 2016 when he released the music video for his song, "Famous," which included a wax figure of Taylor laying next to the rapper in his bed.

Moreover, their feud continued in the headlines over a dispute the pair had over a song lyric. Kim Kardashian recorded a video of Kanye asking for Taylor's permission, however, Kanye later changed the line and said, "b*tch," which infuriated the pop star. 

Kim uploaded the video to her Snapchat to show that Taylor had supposedly agreed to the song's lyrics. Kim, later, took to her Twitter account to call Swift a "snake," with a number of emojis.

According to Billboard, Taylor Swift constitutionally cannot run for the US presidency because she has to be at least 35-years-old. The singer-songwriter won't turn 35 for at least another five years, whereas Kanye West, her nemesis, is 43-years-old.

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