Snoop Dogg Offers Words Of Wisdom To Youngboy NBA

Snoop Dogg Offers Words Of Wisdom To Youngboy NBA
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Snoop Dogg has some words of wisdom for the young rapper, Youngboy NBA. Youngboy Never Broke Again has been in the headlines on a number of fronts ever since he rose up from obscurity into the mainstream rap scene.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the rapper has garnered attention for himself in a number of ways, including for his relationship problems as well as his legal issues. His problems led Snoop Dogg, one of the OGs in the industry, to reach out to the rising star and offer some words of advice.

The outlet says there exists a new clip online of Snoop Dogg giving Youngboy advice on an unidentified set. The rapper can be heard saying to him, "you just gotta take it in and roll with it." The legendary rapper said that not everyone has "it," but Youngboy NBA does - probably referring to rap skills.

This comes not long after his situation with J Prince. The Houston rapper said on his IG that he got back some of his stolen property from the Youngboy NBA's house. Youngboy Never Broke Again apparently didn't take too kindly to the news being taken public, however.

As it was noted above, Youngboy NBA was in the news once again earlier this year when he claimed on his social media that someone nearly killed him in an attempted drive-by shooting.

The audio in the recording was difficult to decipher, but fans on social media were entirely convinced that he said he was shot at.

The hip-hop community has certainly dealt with its fair share of shootings and unfortunate deaths. The 21-year-old rapper, Houdini, from Toronto, Canada, was shot and killed in the entertainment district in broad daylight. 

Additionally, the rising star, Pop Smoke, was murdered while staying in a rental home owned by a  Real Housewives  star near the start of the year. His death spawned countless social media memes and commemorations, including comments from artists like 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj.

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