Taylor Swift's Publicist Discusses Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Leaked Phone Call

Taylor Swift's Publicist Discusses Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Leaked Phone Call
Credit: Source: TheVerge.com

Taylor Swift's publicist came out to address the recently resurfaced phone called between Kanye West and Taylor Swift , in which the former asked permission to use her name in a song called, "Famous."

When the track was finally released, it caused considerable controversy because Taylor said she never agreed to the lyrics, while Kim and Kanye claimed she did. E! Online picked up on the statement from Taylor's publicist where she continued to defend the Tennessee native.

As fans of Swift know, the lyric referred to Taylor as a "b*tch," which was the part of the lyric the singer-songwriter took issue with. Swift has repeatedly denied that she was made aware of the lyrics, while Kanye claims she did agree to it - although he never revealed the aforementioned curse word would be included.

Back in 2016, Tree Paine released a statement claiming Kanye never asked for her permission, adding there was never a phone call between both parties. Obviously, there was a phone call between everyone involved, however, the issue, as was noted above, was the term "b*tch."

This past weekend, the full phone conversation was leaked on to the internet, leading fans to believe that Taylor was really telling the truth all along. Later, Kim released her own statement addressing the controversy once again, stating that she released the clip to show there really was a phone call between them.

Kim added that nobody ever denied the word "b*tch" was used without Taylor's permission. Taylor's publicist released the statement today along with a caption that read, "I'm Taylor's publicist and this is my unedited original statement."

Paine went on to tweet that when a person leaves a part of a recording out, "that's editing." While most are taking sides in the dispute, either Kanye or Taylor's, some on social media have argued that the whole thing was a miscommunication.

Some users argued that Kanye must've not realized Swift was so hostile to the use of the word, "b*tch," which is more common in the hip-hop community and ostensibly less offensive in it.


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