Notorious Taylor Swift And Kanye West 'Famous' Phone Call Leaked In Full

Notorious Taylor Swift And Kanye West 'Famous' Phone Call Leaked In Full
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Fans of Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and general pop culture enthusiasts know that the feud between the two aforementioned stars goes all the way back to 2009, when West stormed the stage during Swift's acceptance speech and insinuated she wasn't worthy of the award.

Us Magazine recently picked up on the phone call between Swift and Kanye in which Kanye purportedly asked for the singer-songwriter's permission to use her name in the song. However, it was reported that Kanye mislead Taylor into believing he was going to use another lyric.

The video, filmed in 2016, features the 42-year-old rapper - who recently shifted to gospel music - calling the 30-year-old performer and asking her if he could mention her name in his song, "Famous." West asked her if she would tweet the song after it was released as well.

The "Shake It Off" singer asks the rapper in the video clip if the line was "going to be mean?" He shared the lyric with her, "Taylor Swift might owe me s*x," and she said to him that it wasn't that mean.

However, when the song finally came out, it said something entirely different. While it was somewhat similar to what he showed to her, it was fundamentally different in the sense that West claimed he was the one to make her famous. He also called her a "b*tch."

Later, when she accepted the Album of The Year award at the 2016 Grammy Awards, she delivered a dig at people who have tried to tear her down, with many people believing it was in reference to the rapper and his wife.

She said in her speech that when someone is on their way to success, there are always going to be people behind you who want to take credit for one's accomplishments.

To make matters worse, the 39-year-old reality star, Kim Kardashian - who also happens to be Kanye's wife - said to reporters from GQ magazine that she had recorded a phone call that Swift and Kanye had in which she agreed upon the lyric. In her documentary, Miss Americana spoke about the issue and how the backlash affected her.

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