Tamar Braxton Shows Fans What's Wrong With America - Check Out Her Message

Tamar Braxton Shows Fans What's Wrong With America - Check Out Her Message
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Tamar Braxton is showing fans what's wrong with America. Check out the recent message that she shared on her social media account.

'This is what is wrong with America🤬 How about you pay ATTENTION and LISTEN to what we are fighting for? All this means is that we are not applying enough pressure‼️ we won’t STOP until you GET IT!! BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏾.. wit ya paranoid asses😒' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone said: '“THEY” don’t wanna listen! THEY like to see us not get justice and be upset.'

A commenter wrote: 'This what you call smoke signals and propaganda! They literally are purposely sending out false information to get white people up and arms! This is all a decoy so they don’t have to give us equality! They doing all this so they don’t have to do the right thing! Smh!!'

Someone else posted this: 'This isn’t even paranoia this is just plain stupidity,' and another follower said: 'This ain't no surprise. He spearheaded sending us to jail in the 90s and he's currently Trump's lawyer.'

Another commenter wrote: 'This the same man who put thousands of drug addicts and dealers away from long-term sentences in NYC. Old school gangsters hate Gulliani.'

A follower said: 'First off who the hell can live off a government income...FOH with that nonsense!! Y’all been saying that for eons. How can you live off scraps?? And anyway WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH JUSTICE BEING SERVED?? Those are just blatant lies and excuses you telling man!!'

This Instagrammer had the following message: 'They know what we are fighting for. They choose to paint a different narrative because it benefits their whiteness!!'

In other news, Tamar made her fans excited after she announced on her social media account that a new episode of ‘To Catch a Beautician Official After Show’ with Tamar Braxton & Johnny Wright is out .

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