Cynthia Bailey Says She Has To Get Things Back On Track With Her Body After The Quarantine

Cynthia Bailey Says She Has To Get Things Back On Track With Her Body After The Quarantine
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Cynthia Bailey has been working on perfecting her figure lately, and she's also been sharing her secrets for a perfect shape to fans and followers. Check out her latest message that she shared on her social media account.

'#ad It’s been a minute but just had to bring back my @flattummyco meal replacement shakes. Need to get things back on track after a quarantine and these shakes are loaded full of good stuff and they always work for me, so if you’re in the same spot check em out. 💋' Eva captioned her post.

A follower said: 'You look beautiful, but nooooooooo! Don't push these products,' and someone else posted this message: 'You look fabulous but stuff doesn't work. I tried it and was very disappointed.'

A commenter asked: 'As much as @flattummyco pays all these celebrities to advertise their product that they don’t even use how is the company even in business? Lol 😂 asking for a friend lmao.'

Anyway, there are a lot of celebrities who are indeed pushing these products and lots of people doubt them or say that they are not working and they're blaming the stars for promoting them.

But Cynthia has been also working out a lot at home during the lockdown and this is important to mention.

Other than this, not too long ago, she shared another secret to having a bomb body : 'Even after maintaining a healthy diet and exercising, I wasn't able to accomplish the body I desired. With AirSculpt I kicked started a healthy lifestyle and was able to realize the body I wanted for this stage of my life! Thank you @elitebodysculpture!!! 💋Cynthia @calibere #AD #AirSculpt #elitebodysculpture'' Cynthia was writing a few days ago.

Also, not too long ago, Cynthia celebrated her mom’s birthday  and penned her an emotional message on her social media account.

Fans sent their best wishes and love in the comments section for the whole family.

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