Southern Charm Fans Slam Bravo For Allowing Thomas Ravenel To Film In New Season

Southern Charm Fans Slam Bravo For Allowing Thomas Ravenel To Film In New Season
Credit: Source: Bravo

Thomas Ravenel has slammed Bravo so many times to the point of involving them in his child custody case against Kathryn Dennis . From his own words, he would never film Southern Charm or allow his children to be on it ever again.

Apparently, the network needed ratings for the show so much that they not only filmed at Thomas' house but also allowed him to be in the first episode.

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In the dramatic custody fight, Thomas accused the network and Andy Cohen of using their fight for a storyline. He also believed that they encouraged Dennis to take the situation to court.

What's even more shocking to fans is the fact that Thomas was accused of sexual assault by multiple people.

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During Thursday night's episode, angry viewers took to Twitter to slam Bravo for allowing Thomas to appear on the series.

' @Andy Can you explain why Thomas is on #SouthernCharm after many racist/misogynistic rants but Pete #belowdeck was cut after 1? Why do u tolerate this from anyone! Look what TRav said about Kamala Harris!! You can’t pick favs!' questioned one.

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' So you guys are actually promoting the fact that you've put a rapist on screen again? Cool cool cool #weak,' said another.

This viewer tweeted: ' So Kathryn is a racist sending out monkey emojis to black folk. Shep is out in the streets filming himself making fun of the homeless. They got Thomas back who is running around Charleston raping various women. C’mon Bravo. Do better. #SouthernCharm.'

While another added: 'He's guilty of assaulting women & she's a racist. Hard pass on ALL Bravo shows.'

In the first episode, Thomas and Kathryn are getting along well. However, Ravenel has new plans


Why do you think Bravo allowed Thomas back on the show? Why did he accept after bashing producers and the network?


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