Justin Bieber Reveals He's Saving THIS Spot On His Skin For Future Tattoos Of His Kids!

Justin Bieber Reveals He's Saving THIS Spot On His Skin For Future Tattoos Of His Kids!
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Justin Bieber has most of his body covered in tattoos but that is not to say that he doesn’t still have some space saved for some very important ink in the future! Earlier today, the artist’s YouTube Originals documentary, titled Justin Bieber: Next Chapter was released and fans were able to learn more about him, including how he’s been dealing with the quarantine but also his future tattoo plans!

At some point in the half hour-long video, he revealed that ‘I think I'm done on my neck. That's a Hailey request.’

He went on to reveal that he’s thinking of getting tattoos of their future kids.

‘My back is still pretty open. I don't have kids yet, so I'm thinking of getting their portraits on my back.’

At this point in time, Justin and Hailey are definitely not expecting an addition to the family but he is ready whenever she is ready!

In the meantime, the married couple has been enjoying the time together in lockdown due to the quarantine.

Justin dubbed the last few months as a ‘really happy season’ and that was all because he had so much time to spend with Hailey, as opposed to before the pandemic, when they would both be pretty busy with their careers.


‘Her and I have really big lives. Hailey's such a driven person, I'm such a driven person. It allowed us to take a step back and to focus on each other. That was actually a beautiful thing. Hailey really empowers me and enables me to feel like Justin. [She tells me,] 'I love you for you. You are enough.' That enables me to go into my workspace and be confident and feel like I'm enough. I think we're just learning how to navigate the relationship. We're now two years in,’ Justin shared.

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