RHOC - Shannon Beador Loves Life With Her New Boyfriend, Says Their Families 'Are Growing Closer And Closer Every Day'

RHOC - Shannon Beador Loves Life With Her New Boyfriend, Says Their Families 'Are Growing Closer And Closer Every Day'
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Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is loving life with her new boyfriend, John Janssen. After a tumultuous 17-year marriage to David Beador - plus a nasty divorce - Shannon has finally found happiness with Janssen. And, she says that their respective families are blending well.

Beador recently told Us Weekly at the 4th annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala that her and Janssen’s new family dynamic is “unbelievable.” And she also described the experience of watching her and Janssen’s kids get along so well as “great” and “very sweet.”

“Everybody gets along and are growing closer and closer every day, and we’re all together as a group all the time,” said Beador.

Even though they’ve only been together a few short months, Beador,Janssen, and their kids will be spending the holidays together. Janssen said that his whole family will be spending Christmas Eve at Beador’s house, and her whole family will be with his family on Thanksgiving.

The fact that their kids get along is huge, but Beador also loves that she and Janssen have common interests. Both Beador and Janssen are graduates of the University of Southern California, and they enjoy going to USC football games together. They also enjoy karaoke, and Janssen says they love going out to “all of our favorite restaurants in Newport” and spending time with friends on their date nights.

Back in August, just weeks after they started dating, Beador said she had never been happier and was in a really great place. She also revealed that a mutual friend set her up with Janssen, and she felt safe and knew that he was there for the right reasons because her friend had known Janssen for thirty years.

She also said at the time that Janssen is a great person who she has a great connection with, and she loves him very much.

Shannon - who shares daughters Sophie, 17, Stella, 15, and Adeline, 15 with her ex - says that David Beador isn’t thrilled about her new relationship. She says that when she tried to introduce her new boyfriend to her ex-husband, “David walked away.” Shannon Beador admits that she should have expected that to happen.

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