Soulja Boy Comes Clean About The Reason For Which He Dated Blac Chyna - Prepare To Be Shocked

Soulja Boy Comes Clean About The Reason For Which He Dated Blac Chyna - Prepare To Be Shocked
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Soulja Boy wanted to save everyone the hassle and came clean with what's going on regarding Blac Chyna and why he dated her in the first place. The Shade Room has the 'shocking' info.

As you can see, he basically confirmed that he's not dating her anymore and his reason for going out with the woman for a while is more than disrespectful.

But then again, maybe Chyna knew what she was getting herself into.

Someone commented 'ppl like Soulja boy don’t even respect women who respect themselves. That’s why I made that statement.'

Another follower said 'When you cancel the free trial before they charge your card,' while someone else posted 'he doing anything and everything to try and stay relevant. 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️'

A person had this to say: 'This is beyond sad that she doesn’t realize this is all men want with her because of her image.'

Someone else had a more respectful opinion with which we also agree: 'To be honest, I don't like Chyna but this big headed thing out here disrespecting every woman. He needs to grow up'

It's not okay to run around and disrespect anyone like this, but he might have only joked about what he said earlier, especially considering what he posted next.

Soulja also said that no one can come between him and his current GF.

The most recent reports claimed that the romance between  Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna  had been only faked to piss off Chyna’s ex, Tyga.

After that, it seemed that  things got serious for real  and these two are a real couple. After that, Page Six was the first to report this, and you can see that Soulja captioned the pic of Tiona Fernan with ‘I Love You.’

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