Soulja Boy Declares His Love For GF Tiona Fernan On IG, Not Blac Chyna

Soulja Boy Declares His Love For GF Tiona Fernan On IG, Not Blac Chyna
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Well, this was fast! It seems that Soulja Boy might not be with Blac Chyna after all and he certainly doesn't seem to be Summer Bunni's man either. His latest Instagram message has people shocked and appalled. Check it out on his Instagram account.

Page Six was the first to report this and you can see that Soulja captioned the pic of Tiona Fernan with 'I Love You.'

Needless to say, people flooded his comments section with tons and tons of confused message because they all thought that he's with Blac Chyna now.

Someone said 'Like if you’re wondering why he’s never taken a picture with her,' another follower posted 'Drakeochyna lasted longer than my past relationship.'

One confused fan asked 'What happened to blac chyna though🧐' and another one was on the same page of confusion: 'Wasn’t you with chyna on valentines 🥴'

The most recent reports claimed that the romance between  Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna  had been only faked to piss off Chyna’s ex, Tyga.

After that, it seemed that things got serious for real and these two are a real couple.

‘The two actually started to like each other after a few dates and decided to make it official,’ insiders told TMZ.

The same sources said ‘They appreciate and respect that the other one has their own career rolling right now, and they feel like they can take things slow. So far, no talk about moving in together or anything too serious.’

Soulja was also said to have been dating Offset's ex alleged side chick, Summer Bunni.

We have to admit that we are entirely confused at the moment, and just like everyone else, we haven't got a clue on who's he dating and what's going on.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we learn something new.


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