Blac Chyna And Soulja Boy Confirm Dating Rumors After Spending Valentine's Day Together

Blac Chyna And Soulja Boy Confirm Dating Rumors After Spending Valentine's Day Together
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There have been a lot of rumors lately claiming that Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy are the newest couple in the business. Now, the latest reports coming from the Daily Mail seem to support these rumors.

'Soulja, or someone from his team, is spreading rumors that he is dating Chyna in order to fuel the fire with Tyga. Soulja Boy is trying to create drama with Tyga by putting it out there that he’s dating Blac Chyna,’ the insider claims,' an insider had recently told the online magazine Hollywood Life.

But the same source said that Soulja Boy had been secretly dating Summer Bunni , Offset's ex-alleged side chick and now the woman obviously feels hurt.

It seems that Soulja nad Chyna even spent Valentine's Day together because he shared a photo with the two of them, wishing fans a happy Valentine's Day.

The Daily Mail shared more pics of the couple and Soulja is getting all handsy with Chyna, so things seem to be pretty obvious now.

Someone commented 'Soulja Boy you setting yourself up for a lot of Jabs just like Kanye,' while a follower said 'That explains why Soulja been tripping lately. 🤦‍♂️'

A fan believes that 'She so confused. She just needs to be loved. 🤦‍♀️'

Another person said that 'At this point, it’s beyond sad and these relationships ain’t real. They do this sh*t for attention and a publicity stunt. STOP feeding into the BS. They play on the fact that social media has dumbed so many down that they believe everything. GTFOH.'

What do you think about this new relationship?

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    A user. A loser. Drop that girl before she abuses you!!! Can't stand her. Rib should be thankful. Hahs

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