Summer Bunni Is Reportedly Hurt That Her BF Soulja Boy Hints At Dating Blac Chyna

Summer Bunni Is Reportedly Hurt That Her BF Soulja Boy Hints At Dating Blac Chyna
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The latest reports claim that Soulja Boy and Tyga have been feuding and it looks like now, Soulja has been posting pics which hint at the fact that he's dating Blac Chyna. But the man has also been reportedly dating Summer Bunni, Offset's ex-alleged side chick and now the woman is shocked.

These reports came from the famous online magazine Hollywood Life.

Soulja has been posting pics of him and Chyna looking close at a post-Grammy party and a source who knows more details on the whole situation spilled the tea for the online publication.

'Soulja Boy has had an ongoing feud with Tyga over who had the biggest comeback of 2018. Now, Soulja, or someone from his team, is spreading rumors that he is dating Chyna in order to fuel the fire with Tyga. Soulja Boy is trying to create drama with Tyga by putting it out there that he’s dating Blac Chyna,' the insider claims.

The same source said that 'In reality, Soulja Boy has been dating Summer Bunni since the first week of January this year. But Soulja is keeping his relationship with Summer on the low since he wants to keep promoting his relationship with Chyna to upset Tyga. Summer is hurt by this because she really does like Soulja, and while Summer feels they are in a committed relationship, she is conflicted with the recent events.' Ouch!

We recently reported that a source told  TMZ  that Soulja Boy and Chyna made contact via social media and decided to meet each other at a Grammy party.

The source reportedly said that this is the real deal and the couple has been inseparable since they met.

Soulja Boy even took to his Instagram account and said in public that he’s in love and people are confident that he was definitely referring at Chyna.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so we'll just have to wait and see. Chyna just broke up with her BF Kid Buu who also seemed confused about what has been going on recently.


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