Shia LaBeouf May Be Back Together With Ex-Wife Mia Goth - They Were Spotted With Wedding Bands On

Shia LaBeouf May Be Back Together With Ex-Wife Mia Goth - They Were Spotted With Wedding Bands On
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It's very possible that Shia LaBeouf, the Transformers and Eagle Eye alum, may be back together with his ex-wife, Mia Goth. TMZ published photos of the 33-year-old actor running this week with a woman who looked very similar to his ex.

On Thursday, the 26th of March, both parties were spotted hanging out together in Pasadena, California. The aforementioned outlet claims they were spotted with their wedding bands on and also stopping for a kiss in the middle of their run.

According to Just Jared, Mia and Shia tied the knot back in 2016 in Sin City, however, they filed for divorce just two years later. When their romance collapsed, LaBeouf hung around FKA Twigs, but they've broken up as well.

Thus far, fans are wholly convinced the actor is dating Mia once again. Regardless, Shia is on top of the world again. Not only does it appear that he's dating his ex-wife, but he also won the award at the Hollywood Film Awards recently for his film, Honey Boy.

The actor took the stage to share how grateful he was for the experiences that led him to this point. Interestingly, he thanked the police officer for arresting him and leading him down the right path. As it was previously reported, Shia was arrested in 2017 for obstruction, public drunkness, and disorderly conduct.

USA Today reported that LaBeouf actually penned the screenplay for Honey Boy while staying in rehab. He used his own experiences as a young boy in Hollywood, and the acclaim the actor received was nearly universal.

Robert Downey Junior, for instance, described it as a "d*mn near-perfect screenplay." During his speech, Shia thanked many other people as well, including his mother, and Robert Downey Junior, for living the kind of life that Shia could live up to.

The actor's speech left his mother in tears, and the 33-year-old star said that what happened in the state of Georgia was extraordinarily embarrassing.

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