Carmelo Anthony Opens Up About That Time LeBron James Saved His Life!

Carmelo Anthony Opens Up About That Time LeBron James Saved His Life!
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Carmelo Anthony revealed that one time, LeBron James saved his life! The NBA star was chatting with fellow player Dwayne Wade when he opened up about a dangerous situation that could have ended really badly for him if it wasn’t for LeBron.

Apparently, during a boat trip, the current was dragging him ‘to the middle of the ocean,’ but thankfully, LeBron came to his rescue.

Carmelo and Dwayne were chatting on a livestream and the first reminisced about a time when LeBron acted like a true hero, actually saving his life.

The trio was on a vacation on a boat when Melo decided that it would be fun to jump off their boat into the ocean.

As mentioned, before, things went wrong for him but it all ended well because of LeBron.

‘The current is taking me in the middle of the ocean, like opposite from the boat,’ Carmelo recalled during the joint stream with Dwayne.

The latter added that they could not see him, stressing how serious the situation was.

‘I know. And it was windy, there were all types of s**t going on through my head, I will be honest with you. Then I looked up at the boat and Bron jumps off like he’s MacGyver,’ Melo went on to share.

According to him, LeBron jumped in, grabbed him with one arm and swam with the other, bringing him back to the boat.

Carmelo laughed thinking about it, obviously impressed by the fellow athlete’s sheer strength.

‘He saved my life,’ he then stressed, sounding very grateful.

As for the joint stream, it was a way for the two basketball players to connect with their fans while in quarantine.

In fact, a lot of celebrities have been using social media perhaps more than ever now that they are stuck inside their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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