Shia LaBeouf Said His Mum Passed Away In August

The actress, who was by her side when she died away, claimed that she […]

Posted on Sep 9, 2022 2:06 AM

Isabel, The Young Daughter Of Shia LaBeouf And Mia Goth, Is His Greatest Source Of Motivation, He Claimed

Even Shia LaBeouf would probably admit that his new position as a saint in […]

Posted on Sep 4, 2022 1:06 PM

Bishop Barron And Shia LaBeouf Talked About His Ex-Girlfriend FKA Twigs And Accusations Against Him

Shia LaBeouf claimed to say that his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs saved his life after […]

Posted on Aug 27, 2022 8:07 AM

Both Of Us Are Aware Of My Motives For Leaving. Actor Shia LaBeouf Sent Director Olivia Wilde S Letter

Wilde, 38, said in a Variety cover article that she booted LaBeouf from the […]

Posted on Aug 27, 2022 7:05 AM

Olivia Wilde Talks About Firing Shia LaBeouf From Don't Worry Darling

Olivia Wilde's film Don't Worry Darling was originally being made with Shia LaBeouf in […]

Posted on Aug 26, 2022 10:44 PM

Shia LaBeouf Was Dismissed From 'Don't Worry, Darling,' According To Olivia Wilde

Shia LaBeouf's dismissal from Olivia Wilde's next film, Don't Worry, Darling, is being explained. […]

Posted on Aug 26, 2022 10:05 AM

Shia LaBeouf Claimed That He Is Now A Devout Catholic

After researching for his new movie, "Padre Pio," Shia LaBeouf said he had converted […]

Posted on Aug 26, 2022 8:07 AM

Margaret Qualley And FKA Twigs Get Into A Heated Disagreement About An Old Shia LaBeouf Suit

Page Six has learned that Shia LaBeouf's abuse allegations have regrettably caused a rift […]

Posted on Aug 11, 2022 7:05 AM

Margaret Qualley Thanks FKA Twigs As She Takes Legal Action Against Shia LaBeouf

Margaret Qualley thanked FKA twigs as the singer takes action against Shia LaBeouf, their […]

Posted on Feb 21, 2021 4:12 AM
Posted on Feb 20, 2021 12:33 PM