Sammi Giancola And Christian Biscardi Are On Their Way To An Engagement - It's Coming Soon!

Sammi Giancola And Christian Biscardi Are On Their Way To An Engagement - It's Coming Soon!
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According to a report from The Hollywood Life, Sammi Giancola and Christian Biscardi's romance is doing so well these days that Giancola is hoping he'll propose to her someday. Insiders claim she is thrilled to say "yes."

The 31-year-old Jersey Shore alum has been dating Christian for nearly two years, and she's getting sick of waiting for him to pop the question. Sources close to the reality star explained she couldn't be any happier about taking the first step toward marriage.

The source who spoke with The Hollywood Life said "they" talk about getting married all of the time, and she's more than aware he'll be asking quite soon. Some outlets claim Sammi and Christina's strong love life has something to do with her bad relationship with the 33-year-old Ronnie-Ortiz-Magro.

After the rollercoaster that came with dating Ronnie, she began to realize what was important for her in a serious commitment.  In other words, she had to start thinking about what she really wanted from a man, and what standards were crucial for her happiness.

Reportedly, Ronnie has actually been having a challenging time moving on from his romance with Sammi. They first broke up back in 2012, so it's been a very long time. Outlets claim the 2012 relationship's collapse has given his new girlfriend problems - Jen Harley.

She's the mother of his one-year-old daughter named Ariana. Dating from 2017 and 2018, Ronnie and Jen have supposedly got into some arguments over Ronnie's love for Sammi which has never gone away fully. Sammi, however, refused to join the cast of the Jersey Shore spin-off.

The new series is called, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation . Interestingly, even after the original went off the air many years ago, each reality star has somewhat of their own falling which people like paying attention to. Some of them, unfortunately, have had issues with the law and otherwise.

Sammi has been ecstatic when talking to her girlfriends about the potential of getting married soon. While her friends do miss having her on the TV series, it's great to see her enjoying life with her new man.


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