Tiny Harris Nostalgic About Her And T.I.'s Wedding - Check Out Her Sweet Post!

Tiny Harris Nostalgic About Her And T.I.'s Wedding - Check Out Her Sweet Post!
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Tiny Harris took to social media to write a very sweet message about her wedding to her husband T.I. more than seven years ago! Check out the lavish mansion they tied the knot at!

It is pretty clear that the pair is doing great these days, especially now that they live under the same roof again.

Apparently, the Xscape singer is so happy with her man that he got her to reminisce about their big day.

Even though their wedding took place nearly eight years ago, Tiny is very nostalgic and she just had to share it with her many followers.

She posted a pic of the incredible mansion where she and her rapper husband said their vows at the time and wrote in the caption: ‘I was scrolling on my timeline and ran across the house I got married in!! One of the best days of my life! Real fairy tale wedding but the reception was a massive star-studded party! Ask anybody that was there, and they’ll tell u it was the most lit, extravagant reception/party ever!!!’

A previous report from HollywoodLife claimed that Tiny was very happy she decided to let T.I. move back in their house.

‘Tiny is much happier now after T.I. moved back in with her and the kids. Ever since his return, they've been happy, more in love than ever and things have been going great for the couple. Their love's stronger now, their bond's tight, and they're in a great place as a couple and family,’ a source told the outlet.

Hopefully, their marriage is going to continue being so harmonious and the pair so in love. Since T.I. has had problems with infidelity before, fans are worried their happiness will crumble again soon.

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