Here's How SNL's John Mulaney Helped Pete Davidson Step Away From Suicidal Ideation

Here's How SNL's John Mulaney Helped Pete Davidson Step Away From Suicidal Ideation
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According to a report from IndieWire, Pete Davidson's fellow Saturday Night Live co-star, John Mulaney, actually helped out Davidson during his darkest times in recent weeks. Fans weren't surprised to see Davidson back on the set of Saturday Night Live after posting disturbing messages last month, but they were taken aback by something else.

If you saw the clip on Saturday, it's needless to say that it was a bit of a shock for people to see John Mulaney making fun of Pete for his health struggles. The pair hosted the segment, Weekend Update,  as a unit, which is Davidson's regular programming. The pair spoke on everything from Clint Eastwood to the fact Pete is much healthier these days.

Vanity Fair reported that Mulaney joining the Weekend Update wasn't a random occurrence, because John has battled drug problems of his very own at one point in life.

Colin Jost said John and Pete Davidson were an unlikely duo to be hanging out with each other, to which John responded, "I've been spending time with Pete to try to show him that you can have a life in comedy that is not insane."

And then Davidson said right after, it was right around the time when he threatened to commit suicide publicly, insinuating it was a look into John's life that pushed him over the edge. Pete subsequently apologized afterward, arguing that he knew the joke was inappropriate.

John laughed and said for Pete to understand that he's loved by many, and everyone was glad he was ok. Vanity Fair suggested the part appeared as it may have been unscripted. What makes the skit between the two endearing, is that during John's 2014 special, New In Town , the star said revealed he no longer drinks.

In fact, he said it became somewhat of a problem, so he actually had to stop. He joked that no one ever thought of him as being that type of person. Moving on from John's past, fans online gushed over Pete's bit after the segment. Near the end, Davidson joked that he didn't mention Ariana Grande on the show even once.

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