Sam Smith Says Lady Gaga Inspired The Singer's Choice To Come Out As Non-Binary

Sam Smith Says Lady Gaga Inspired The Singer's Choice To Come Out As Non-Binary
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Good Morning America reported today that Sam Smith came out as non-binary back in September of 2019, and now, the pop star is crediting the Chromatica artist, Lady Gaga , for the decision. In case you missed it, Sam came out as non-binary last September, and the performer said their pronouns were "they" and "them."

During a new interview with Vogue on Tuesday, Sam touched on the reason why they chose to thank Lady Gaga. Amid their conversation about glowing skin, Sam also revealed how makeup played a role in their decision to come out.

The Grammy Award winner said, "I came out when I was 10-years-old," before going on to say that when they hit the age of 14 and 15, they really began to question the idea of gender specifically, and felt as though it was limiting on their frame of mind.

The 28-year-old performer said cosmetics and makeup were a way for them to express themselves. "It's a form of expression," the performer added, before adding, "and it feels nice." You can check out the video of Sam explaining the story below:

As for Lady Gaga 's role in Sam's decision to come out as non-binary, Sam explained that when The Fame came out, they were 15-years-old and they were obsessed with Lady Gaga. Sam says Lady Gaga gave them permission to be themselves and to be "proud of my queerness."

It gave them the power to stand up to bullies and other homophobes who didn't understand "queerness." Obviously, Sam's gender identity hasn't stopped them from dating and getting to know other people.

Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter stopped by the set of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where Sam shared what it was like to get banned from the dating application, Hinge, which has grown in popularity over the last year.


Like many other celebrities and performers, Sam shared that they were banned from Hinge due to people reporting Sam for being a "fake profile." Smith joked that the moderators and other members must've thought it was someone else posing as Sam Smith.

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