Travis Scott Is The Narrator Of A New PS5 Commercial

Travis Scott Is The Narrator Of A New PS5 Commercial
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Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that Travis Scott acted as the narrator for a new Playstation 5 commercial. Reportedly, La Flame voiced the dialogue in the Sony advertisement which marks their fifth PlayStation console.

You can check out the company's new campaign in the YouTube video below:

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According to Hot New Hip Hop, this is the first piece of marketing material Sony has introduced for the long-awaited Playstation 5. This all comes after Sony claimed they weren't going to be able to meet consumer demand on account of the sheer number of pre-orders they have.

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As most know, Travis Scott has been sought after by marketing agencies and corporations over the last few months. For instance, earlier this year, Travis was in the headlines after it was revealed he was going to work with McDonald's.

As it turned out, the rumors were true, because Travis and McDonalds launched a Travis Scott-themed hamburger meal which included french fries and more. Apparently, the marketing deal was successful for McDonald's, because media reports later came out saying certain locations were running out of the ingredients used to make the meal.

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Additionally, social media users had fun with reports claiming that many of the older employees for McDonald's had no idea who Travis Scott was. Regardless, not everyone was a big fan of the Travis Scott themed hamburger, which included merchandise options like a Chicken McNugget pillow that sold for $90.

For instance, Alexis Skyy from Love and Hip Hop took to her social media to share an image of her receipt after she bought the hamburger. She wrote on her account that she was "about to throw up" after eating it because apparently, she didn't like it much.

Furthermore, Scott's fellow rapper, NLE Choppa - who announced in recent months that he was going to back away from violent lyrics and other controversial material in his music - urged his fans and followers to put their Travis Scott hamburgers down and opt for much healthier options instead.


The rapper claimed that such food has a poisonous effect on a person's mind.

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