Big Brother 21: Houseguest Sam Smith Receives Bad News From Home – Did He Leave The Game?

Big Brother 21: Houseguest Sam Smith Receives Bad News From Home – Did He Leave The Game?
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Big Brother 21 houseguest Sam Smith was dealt a heartbreaking blow on last night's episode when he received bad news from home.

What seemed like minutes after winning the Power of Veto competition, Smith went from being on top of the world to breaking down in tears. He entered the diary room to find a letter from home, informing him that his grandfather had passed away.

"I thought he was doing ok. He always seemed like he was doing ok," Smith shared to the camera, as tears rolled down his face. He also repeated how he wished he had known the last time he saw his grandfather, would be the last time.

The married father of two was beyond emotional as he grieved his grandfather, as well as felt a pang of overwhelming guilt for not being at home. Smith went to the kitchen and let his fellow game players know his devastating news.

Big Brother cast members put the gameplay on hold for a little while to console Smith. As he was about to break into the tears, the Pennsylvania native went to find solace in the bedroom.

However, as he laid on the bed face down, avoiding the cameras, the entire house one by one rallied around him. Although each houseguest came in to let Smith know they were rallied around him, everyone sat in silence for a while as Smith broke down.

It was a rare moment on Big Brother where the houseguests come together without speaking a word and are simply together.

Sam Smith learned his grandfather passed away while he was in the Big Brother house. After discussing with the camera what his gramps would have wanted, the truck driver decided to stay in the game to win the $500,000 for his family.

The Veto ceremony played out soon after Smith chose to stay. He did decide to keep nominations the same rather than rock the house. The guy was already having a tough week, who can blame him for not wanting to make a big move.

Smith has previously stated to anyone who would listen that it is tough for him to be away from his wife and boys. Big Brother 21 houseguests now know for sure, Smith is in it to win it. He does not plan on going anywhere until he walks out of the house with the grand prize.

Do you think his decision to stay in the house following the news of his grandfather's death has made Smith more of a game player and put a target on his back?

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