Rosie O'Donnell Says She Has A Lot Of 'Compassion' For Ellen DeGeneres Amid Her Workplace Misconduct Scandal

Rosie O'Donnell Says She Has A Lot Of 'Compassion' For Ellen DeGeneres Amid Her Workplace Misconduct Scandal
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Ellen DeGeneres has been excoriated in the media ever since a report from BuzzFeed featured a series of interviews from former and current staff members who complained of a toxic work environment. Not everyone has abandoned Ellen, however.

Page Six picked up on comments from Rosie O'Donnell this week in which she claimed she had "compassion" for Ellen amid her scandal. O'Donnell has her own experiences hosting a television show as well. She hosted an eponymous series from 1996 until 2002.

The View alum claims she has heard all of the stories about Ellen and understands them, but she has compassion for the media personality. O'Donnell, 58, went on to say that she believes DeGeneres has some "social awkwardness" about her.

O'Donnell has known her for many years, and she says she has her own "kind of history with her." Rosie also commented on the fact Ellen loves to surprise her guests.

In fact, Rosie says it's the primary reason why she hasn't been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show . She's afraid Ellen will scare her and give her a heart attack. Reportedly, Rosie had a heart attack in 2012 and she obviously doesn't want to have another one.

As it was noted above, DeGeneres has been criticized in the press for supposedly fostering a "toxic" work environment. Moreover, some of her top executive producers have been accused of sexual misconduct, and since then, three of them have been fired.

In a statement from July, Ellen claimed that the show has grown "exponentially" over the years, and in that process of growth, she had to delegate certain tasks for executive producers and other subordinates.

Ellen said she was unable to "stay on top" of her employees to ensure they were doing the job they're supposed to in the way she would want. DeGeneres went on to say she would ensure such a thing would never happen again.

Since the controversy began, DeGeneres has managed to find support from other celebrities like Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, Diane Keaton, and more. At the beginning of the month, Ellen was spotted hanging out with Kevin Hart in California.


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