Ellen DeGeneres And Kevin Hart Spotted Having Lunch Together Amid Workplace Misconduct Claims

Ellen DeGeneres And Kevin Hart Spotted Having Lunch Together Amid Workplace Misconduct Claims
Credit: Source: AsiaOne and Vibe.com

Page Six reported today that Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Hart were seen hanging out together for lunch not long after the Jumanji actor publicly defended her amid her workplace misconduct scandal.

As most know by now, Ellen has come under significant pressure for allegations of workplace toxicity, which some have blamed on her. Page Six says DeGeneres, 62, and the 41-year-old, Hart, were together at Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, California.

In case you missed it, earlier in the month, Hart joined the likes of other celebrities to publicly defend Ellen amid her controversy, including Diane Keaton, Scooter Braun, and Katy Perry , among others. Ellen and her executives have been accused of fostering an environment of sexual and managerial misconduct.

On his Instagram earlier this month, Kevin said it was "crazy" to see his friend go through such controversy over the last few weeks. Kevin wrote on his account that he has known "Ellen for years" and she just might be one of the "dopest people on the f*cking planet."

Kevin went on to speculate on the state of humanity today. He argued that the internet has become a "crazy world of negativity," as if people do nothing but praise the downfall of others and welcome it.

Hart hoped out loud that the hate would die down and "go out of style soon." As it was previously reported, WarnerMedia revealed they were going to launch an investigation into the show this past month.

In her statement, Ellen explained how her show has grown "exponentially" over the last decade, and it's been hard to keep track of how things are done behind the scenes. DeGeneres claims she designated certain tasks to other subordinates, however, it's clear the job wasn't done in the way she would've wanted.

DeGeneres wrote in the statement, "That will now change and I'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again." As it was noted above, not everyone has had Ellen's back during this time.


The Everybody Loves Raymond star, Brad Garrett , said it was "common knowledge" that Ellen was mean to people in the industry, and he dubbed her as "personally responsible."

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