Ellen DeGeneres Promises To Talk To Her Show's Viewers Directly About The Scandal!

Ellen DeGeneres Promises To Talk To Her Show's Viewers Directly About The Scandal!
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Ellen DeGeneres apparently wants to let her viewers in to what has been happening behind the scenes of their favorite day time talk show! As you might know, the show is currently being investigated and suffering changes after a number of current and former staff members came out about the toxic environment they experienced while working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While most of them mentioned that Ellen DeGeneres was not directly responsible for any of this, this came amid other rumors that she is a rude and cold person behind the cameras and so, things became even more complicated and messy.

Now, however, after addressing her employees via a memo as well as in a virtual meeting no too long ago, Ellen believes it is important to have a talk with the show’s viewers too when it comes to what has been happening behind the scenes.

That being said, the paparazzi caught up to Ellen DeGeneres while she was going to have lunch with a pal this weekend and she stressed that there will be an open conversation happening about the investigation and the firing of the producers responsible.

In the clip obtained by Daily Mail, Ellen assures the paparazzi that while she had nothing to say at the time she ‘will be talking to [her] fans.’

It’s unclear as to how that will happen but it does seem likely that Ellen DeGeneres will simply address the situation in one of the future talk show episodes, directly.

As you might know, the newest season is expected to premiere on September 14.

In the meantime, to remediate the toxic work environment that has been happening, Ellen’s talk show has implemented some great new perks for all employees, including more paid time off, a liberal medical leave policy, and more!


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