David Dobrik Wants You All To Vote Even Though He Can't!

David Dobrik Wants You All To Vote Even Though He Can't!
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The YouTuber is trying his best use his influence and encourage people to vote in the presidential elections that are pretty much just around the corner. David Dobrik wanted to let his fans know just how important using their right to vote is, perhaps now, more than ever!

Unfortunately, the 24 year old is not able to vote himself since he moved to America from Slovakia when he was only a small child.

But with that being said, he appreciates the importance of voting even more and obviously wishes he could do it as well.

‘I'm DACA… and I cannot vote, so I'd really appreciate it if people would go out and vote on my behalf. I can't vote and there are a lot of people like me who are in this country and who would love to stay in this country, who have families in this country and have their entire lives here. They want to stay and they want to stick around,’ he explained.

David went on to make his message as clear as possible: ‘Go vote, on behalf of all your peers and all your friends that cannot vote and maybe aren't even old enough to vote. It is a cool opportunity to vote. It is nice that we get to do it and that we do not live in a dictatorship. That would be rough. You are helping out a lot more than you think you are and you are being a part of something a lot bigger than yourself.’

Finally, he inspiringly stressed that ‘Your voice matters!’

As you might know, many other celebrities have been involved with promoting the process of voting this fall, David Dobrik joining a pretty long list.

Election Day is on November 3 so get ready to use your voice as well!

As for David Dobrik, he has been getting ready for the premiere of his brand new show titled Dodgeball Thunderdome.

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