Robert Pattinson Really ‘Proud’ Of Ex Kristen Stewart For Landing ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Role - Here's Why!

Robert Pattinson Really ‘Proud’ Of Ex Kristen Stewart For Landing ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Role - Here's Why!
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Kristen Stewart’s ex is apparently super excited for her now that she’s been confirmed to be part of the Charlie’s Angels reboot cast! It’s definitely a very iconic role and he cannot wait to see her do amazingly!

Even though they are no longer together, one source tells HollywoodLife that he wants only the best for her and that he is really proud of what she’s achieved in her career.

‘Rob is very excited for Kristen. He’s hearing good things about the movie and will for sure watch it. Rob thinks Kristen is so talented and he’s glad to see her taking on such a huge, iconic role. He’s proud of her,’ the insider dished to the news outlet.

Surely, die-hard fans of the former couple are very happy to hear they are so friendly.

Ever since they rose to fame through the Twilight movies a decade ago, both actors have been doing great for themselves, especially lately!

Not only is Kristen starring as a Charlie's angel, but Rob was also confirmed to be portraying a younger Batman in an upcoming movie about the comic book hero.

And since they both are taking on action movies, the source shared that ‘He thinks it’s pretty wild that he and Kristen are now dealing with major franchises when they were doing more independent stuff over the last few years. Rob likes that they are on the same trajectory career-wise again, because when they see or talk to each other they can just talk about how awesome things are going.’

All in all, the insider assured fans that he is really happy for her since she is doing what she loves.

Every time a friend is successful and lives their best life, Rob is the type of person to be really excited for them.


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