Kristen Stewart to star in bodybuilding romance thriller

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart will star in Love Bleeds, a romantic thriller set in […]

Posted on Apr 17, 2022 3:06 AM

Kristen Stewart Reveals That She Feels 'Protective' Of Princess Diana After Being Cast As Her - Here's Why!

The actress got candid about portraying the beloved Princess Diana, while a guest […]

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Kristen Stewart Says That She Has Been 'Cagey' About Her Sexuality

According to Kristen Stewart, she has been "cagey" when it comes to discussing her […]

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Kristen Stewart Shared A Message About The Importance Of Voting And She Took Over Girlfriend Dylan's IG To Do It!

With the occasion of National Voter Registration Day, actress Kristen Stewart took over her […]

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Kristen Stewart Not Letting Negativity Get To Her — She's Prepared To Play Princess Diana Regardless What Haters Say

When the news went viral that Kristen Stewart had been cast as Princess Diana […]

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Kristen Stewart Cast As Princess Diana In Upcoming Film About The Royal

According to new reports, Kristen Stewart will be taking on the role of her […]

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Did Kristen Stewart And Emma Roberts Get Their Hair Done In Quarantine?

Did Kristen Stewart and Emma Roberts get their hair done while in quarantine? Many […]

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Kristen Stewart Proud Of Charlie's Angel Reboot Regardless Of Flop -- Here's Why

The Elizabeth Banks produced Charlie's Angels reboot has barely broken even from its $55 […]

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Kristen Stewart's 'Batman' Support 'Means The World' To Robert Pattinson, Source Says - Here's Why!

It sounds like Robert Pattinson really appreciates his ex, Kristen Stewart’s compliments when it […]

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Kristen Stewart Says She 'Can't Wait' To Propose To Her Girlfriend!

While chatting with Howard Stern in a new interview, Kristen Stewart could not help […]

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