Rob Kardashian Was Reportedly Warned By Doctors That He Would Die If He Didn't Lose Weight

Rob Kardashian Was Reportedly Warned By Doctors That He Would Die If He Didn't Lose Weight
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Over the past few years, Rob Kardashian has paved his road to self-destruction with deplorable behavior and self-created problems, and one of the clearest indications of his struggles has been his wild weight fluctuation. But now, according to a new report, the former reality star has turned his life around after doctors told him his weight gain was life-threatening.

“Rob has struggled nonstop for years with his weight, and he finally seems to have turned his life around,” claims an insider. “Lately Rob’s friends have been talking about how proud they are of him because he made his health a priority.”

Kardashian lost a ton of weight when he was dating Blac Chyna. But, when their relationship came to an end, he started to pack on the pounds again.

After doctors told him that losing weight could eventually become a matter of life or death, he has started losing again and is feeling better.

In recent months Kardashian has kept a relatively low profile, but according to Entertainment Tonight, Kardashian has been steering clear of harmful influences and working out regularly with a trainer. That has made a big difference in his shape, and he is starting to “look like the old Rob.”

An inside source revealed back in October that Kardashian had lost an estimated 30 to 50 pounds while trying to get his life back on track. And, his family has offered both emotional and financial support. His mom, Kris Jenner, has also helped the 31-year-old with his money troubles.

Jenner has given significant financial help to her son, and she even bought part of his sock company, Arthur George. Now, he is talking to companies about partnering with their brands so he can build his business.

In addition to being focused on his health and building his business, Kardashian is being an excellent dad to Dream, the two-year-old daughter he shares with Blac Chyna. But, as for his love life, he is still single and is nowhere near dating anyone seriously.

Instead, Rob Kardashian is focused on himself, while being the best father he can be.


New episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians - sans Rob - air Sunday nights on E!.

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