Former 'KUWK' Star Rob Kardashian Has Major Plans To Fix His Financial Problems

Former 'KUWK' Star Rob Kardashian Has Major Plans To Fix His Financial Problems
Credit: Source: E! Online

The words “broke” and “Kardashian” hardly seem to go together, but it appears that Rob Kardashian is exactly that — broke. Rob blames his financial woes on his child support payments. Others say that it’s the child support combined with his high roller lifestyle.

Kardashian has reportedly been borrowing money from family members to stay afloat and is desperate to make some money of his own. So, what is his solution? Write a tell-all book exposing the secrets of the Kardashian clan.

The reality star has the potential to make big money out of the deal, depending on what he decides to reveal. He could write anything from family secrets, his own struggles with his weight, and issue within his private life.

Insiders say he’ll have to watch his words when it comes to Chyna as she is already engaging in litigation against the Kardashian family and revealing too much in his book could certainly open the door the further legal issues.

Chyna already has a suit against the family alleging they plotted against her to get the show, Rob and Chyna cancelled. The Kardashian clan are reportedly furious that she’s dragging them to court.

While their attorney has been trying to fight it, they have not been able to convince the judge that the suit unfounded.

Chyna and Rob dated for only four months prior to getting engage in April of 2016 and announced her pregnancy that same year in May. The couple ended their engagement in 2017. They have seemed to make headline after headline since then. With cheating accusations, nude photos being revealed online, restraining orders, and abuse claims.

After the drama, E! canceled the 2nd season and Chyna blamed the Kardashian family for the show’s failure rather than the drama that her and Robert brought onto themselves.

It looks like we will continue to get plenty of info regarding the Chyna versus Kardashian drama as the court recently rejected the family’s request to throw out the lawsuit.


Rob Kardashian has not confirmed or denied the rumors he is planning on fixing his financial woes with a juicy tell-all.

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