Rob Kardashian Seeks Sole Custody Of Dream, Says Three-Year-Old Is Acting Out Sexually, Blames Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian Seeks Sole Custody Of Dream, Says Three-Year-Old Is Acting Out Sexually, Blames Blac Chyna
Credit: Source: Rob Kardashian Official/Instagram

Rob Kardashian has filed legal documents to get sole custody of his three-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian, and the reasons he stated in court documents are shocking. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Rob Kardashian is accusing Blac Chyna of exposing Dream to sexually inappropriate behavior. Rob claims that Blac Chyna is neglecting their daughter in pursuit of partying and spends approximately $600 per day on alcohol. He says that Dream is neglected and when it is his parenting time, she arrives with her hair disheveled, dirty teeth, and dirty fingernails.

Most shocking are claims that three-year-old Dream is "naked twerking" and acting out sexual positions that she says her mother taught her.

He also says that Dream has started cursing under her mother's influence, is exposed to strangers who come to the house to drink alcohol and party, and that none of these behaviors are tolerated in his home.

Rob alleges that Blac Chyna's behavior has changed and according to the report, Blac Chyna's hairdresser is backing up the story.

Rob's sister Khloe Kardashian is behind him 100 percent and will do anything she can to help him gain custody of Dream.

Khloe Kardashian has made a statement in the court documents verifying Rob's account and according to TMZ, she said that Dream's behavior has changed. Khloe says that when Dream comes to spend time with her cousins she is "decidedly more aggressive."

Khloe reportedly says she has heard Dream say she doesn't want to go back to her mother.

This is a developing story and at this point, it is unclear what a court will ultimately decide. There will need to be a full investigation into both parties before any decision could be made. Rob Kardashian is also requesting the court order regular drug testing for Blac Chyna and he wants to ensure that she is sober when she drops Dream Kardashian off at Rob's house.

Rob also wants to ensure that Blac Chyna isn't alone with Dream but that her Nanny is with her at all times.

At this point, Blac Chyna hasn't made a public response to the allegations. What do you think of this breaking news story?


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