Rob Kardashian Claims One Victory In His Ongoing Lawsuit With Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian Claims One Victory In His Ongoing Lawsuit With Blac Chyna
Credit: Source: Olean Times Herald

Rob Kardashian won a small victory in his ongoing court battle with baby mama Blac Chyna . The model attempted to move the lawsuit to a lower court, but Los Angeles Judge Randolph M. Hammock shut down her attempts to reclassify the case.

This week, Hammock ruled that the amount Kardashian is seeking in damages, which is well over $750,000, meets the $25,000 minimum to keep the lawsuit where in the higher courts.

"Plaintiff need only prove 3.3% of the $767,852 in damages he is seeking in order to meet the $25,000 jurisdictional amount," Hammock shared in his ruling.

According to Radar Online , Chyna's lawyers did not agree with the ruling and believe Kardashian won "on a technicality." They are planning to file another motion soon to prove Kardashian should not receive any portion of the damages.

Kardashian is suing Chyna over an incident that happened at Kylie Jenner's home in 2016. The reality star is holding Chyna liable for $5,000 in property damage and $62,852 in security bills. He is also seeking $200,000 for pain and emotional distress and half a million in punitive damages.

For her part, Chyna says that the damages only cost around $5,000, most of which are from a TV she destroyed at Jenner's home. The model is willing to pay for the television but only if Kardashian agrees to move the case to a lower court.

Kardashian refused Chyna's offer and wants to keep the case in a higher court. The former couple have one daughter together and currently share custody. Insiders claim that Kardashian is planning to win full custody in the near future.

While Kardashian fights Chyna in court, his romance with Alexis Skyy is heating up. The model recently admitted on social media that she is in love with the reality star and isn't dating him just for the fame. The comments come after the two were spotted grabbing a bit to eat together in Los Angeles.

Rob Kardashian has not commented on his ongoing lawsuit with Blac Chyna.


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