Soulja Boy Is A Fan Of Travis Scott For The Pettiest Reason: "He Took Tyga's B****"

Soulja Boy Is A Fan Of Travis Scott For The Pettiest Reason: "He Took Tyga's B****"
Credit: Source: Vibe

Soulja Boy has been having the time of his life recently making headlines and appearances everywhere. The first interview of 2018 that went viral was all because of Soulja's claims that he had the biggest comeback of 2018 -- not Tyga.

Tyga responded by posting streaming statistics that solidified the argument that he had the best year back in the spotlight -- much to Soulja Boy's dismay.

The 'Pretty Boy Swag' musician continued his tirade against some of the biggest names in the industry that include Drake, Kanye West, and more.

When asked about his feelings toward Travis Scott, the rapper gave the pettiest response possible.

"I love Travis Scott. He took Tyga's b****. I love that n****."

Soulja is referencing the crazy amount of time it took Kylie Jenner, who was in a three-year relationship with Tyga, to go from him to having a baby with Travis Scott all within a half year's time.

Although Soulja Man may seem like he's being harsh on the 'Taste' artist, he has no problem working with him again in the future as long as the argument of 'biggest comeback' doesn't come up again. After all, Soulja was responsible for putting Tyga in his first music video, 'She Got A Donk.'

The SODMG founder has had one heck of a ride these past few months.

From releasing his very own video game console that made him millions of dollars, starring in 'Marriage Boot Camp,' and nearly escaping death, the 28-year-old isn't slowing down anytime soon.

The wealthy business owner has a plan to get even wealthier. He's smartly planting multiple seeds to become hip-hop's next billionaire.

As he explained on 'Everyday Struggle': "I'm gonna be the next Diddy. I'ma be the next JAY-Z. I'ma be the next m***********', whoever was a billionaire, Dr. Dre. Them three n****. That's where I'm heading to. Right now, it looks funny. Right now, y'all gonna laugh and clown and I'ma trend but 10 years later I'ma be that billionaire and y'all gonna be looking stupid as f***."


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