Ray J And Princess Love Reveal On Instagram That They Are Back Together After Week-Long Social Media Feud

Ray J And Princess Love Reveal On Instagram That They Are Back Together After Week-Long Social Media Feud
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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars Ray J and Princess Love are back together after fans watched their week-long feud play out on social media. Ray J broke the news with a video on his Instagram Story that featured Princess in their Los Angeles home posing for a pregnancy photo shoot while he tells her that the pics are coming out good.

Early on Tuesday, Princess posted that she had returned to Los Angeles after being in Las Vegas for a week. Last week, she revealed on Instagram Live that the couple had a major blowout after she supposedly found out that he had been talking to other women.

Princess claims that Ray J admitted to “entertaining other women,” after they had been fighting for weeks. Still, she wanted to work things out, and she agreed to go to the Soul Train Awards in Sin City. However, once they got there she says he asked her to move to Las Vegas, but she rejected the idea because she didn’t want to raise her kids there.

Then, she sarcastically told him he was free to move to Las Vegas, but she was going to stay in LA. Taking her comment seriously, Ray J got mad; but, she believes he was just looking for a reason to leave.

She claims things got so bad he threatened divorce. And, when she declared publicly that Ray J had left her stranded in Vegas while she was eight months pregnant, the fight got nasty on social media.

Ray J ended up blocking his wife on Instagram and deleting all of his posts. He also called her out for claiming he stranded her and his daughter in Vegas when it was Princess that blocked him from calling. He added the hashtag #ByeUgly.

“Yes I can fly home..I have my own money,” said Princess. “But my car is here and I don’t want to drive back alone with my daughter because I’m over 8 months pregnant and I don’t even want to have to stop for gas or go into labor with all of this human trafficking going on…”

She later wrote on Instagram that a man will have a whole life with a wife and kids, and then he will start an argument just so he can go to another hotel room to party with escorts and srippers. Princess love then said, “What’s in the dark always comes to light.”

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